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Hi sweeties! So, what time is it? SIMS 4 time! :D 

As someone who enjoyed the game since part1, i am of course excited about the follow up. I must say sims 4 is my favourite of all upgrades by far. It runs smoothly and everything is so intuitive! The feelings make the sims quite realistic as well. Very, very fun to play. 

Here are some screenshots of my starter family, obviously i also made myself in there ;) 

Some of the pictures from the Archeage third closed beta :)

Built a ship and had a first overseas tradepack run, which was fun :D

So much to discover in this game.. xD

Another nostalgic day! Got other SUPEROLD screenshots from 2005, the days of playing Flyff (which came after RO for me lol) I also began using photoshop to make everything look…. awesome… haha! :D

Having a Broomstick as a mount was so exciting and Harry Potter like.. Loved it, even though the game is far from epic :D

Say it the nerd way :D

Say it the nerd way :D

Today is a nostalgic day! :D 

An old friend was keeping some of my OLD Ragnarok screenshots. Some that i lost long time ago during a format. Surely thats not all of my screenshots but its nostalgic to look at them. I used to play this game like 10 years ago now! D: 

The screenshots are from qro which was a private server i played on for quite a while. Makes me remember the war of emperium and some other derpness of the time.. D:

There we go, another MMO :D

I got rather excited about ArcheAge recently after trying the beta this weekend. It was a looot of fun. The game already has tons of content. And the fact that it will be free to play is great! 

I am excited about Houses, Pirates and Guildwars, there will be lots of things to checkout! So see you there upon release maybe! ;)

So we have the reaper update today.

Skill animations are badass. Everyone looks like a clone. 

I am probably too lazy to level it but the starting zone was fun x)

Loof lost some weight x’D
Not sure if i like it :D
So lately i was bored and wanted to try something i havent tried. SO i remembered there was that old anime styled mmo where, besides fighting mobs, you can do other stuff like be a musician or a farmer xD Mabinogi. So i went to try it. What can i say.. It looks old but.. Its addicting.. xD
ps. im on Alexina server, add Loofie if you want cookies. LOL

So i was on some server in dayz and started getting these messages. My pants feel kinda warm..? What. the. hell?? xD

get lost noob :D
Skyrim Online Beta! And im in this weekend! Im really curious about this one! Anyone else tried it yet?

Skyrim Online Beta! And im in this weekend! Im really curious about this one! Anyone else tried it yet?

I have been playinf Dayz for a while now. Realistic and melancholic and hilarious survival. You usually dont live for long. But you have a great time ;)

Well its not me, just an image i found on the web. Thumbs up for it though xD